We are:
JJ Weihl

  • JJ Weihl (left – Director Europe & US)

    JJ was born and raised in NYC. She graduated from Middlebury college with a joint degree in Film and Media Culture and English Literature. In addition to her work as co-founder and Creative Director of Videokills, JJ makes music and videos with the band Fenster and her solo project Discovery Zone, has a radio show on Byte.FM and works as a freelance writer and translator. She currently lives in Berlin.

  • Tiphaine De Fleurette Brown (right – Creative Director Australia)

    Tiphaine is a Co-Founder and Co-Director of VIDEOKILLS; currently on sabbatical. Based In Victoria, Australia, Tiphaine is a practicing artist currently working on myriad personal projects including: a fashion design label, a Custom Surfboard Manufacture Business and a Hand-made Design Emporium…oh and a new little baby girl. VIDEOKILLS Australia is only a short step away.

No longer on board but we like to thank them for their past work: Emma Pike and Mirca Lotz!